Final ZAD

Well, it has finally happened. The zombie apocalypse has yielded an inevitable outcome. All the earth's humans have either been turned into zombies or have become their food. Mankind is officially no more. And now, with absolutely no "food source" left, the world's undead nations will suffer a fate of their own. A slow extinction. No zombie will, or can, outlast this new plague of human famine. It truly is the end of the earth.

Here are the final 2 living dead who will soon perish in the eventual elimination of all things.

This is Kenny. He was on vacation with his wife, her two kids and all seven of his darling grandchildren when the.... event happened. He was the first of the family to turn. It was the middle of the night and he had awoke for a snack, as he always did since he retired. His normal choice of late night munchie was a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Delicious. But this time he found himself outside on the sandy beach on the hunt for a BLT, ... Brains, Lettuce & Tomato!

Meet Scottie. A man not well-liked by his fellow neighbors. They didn't like his angry attitude, his beer-can-filled lawn or his two broken down Firebirds in his backyard. Not to mention the constant noise coming from his garage and his wretched sideburns. He's just an all around jerk. And it was no secret he had zero love for them. So when the..... event happened, it was no surprise he went door to door wreaking more neighborhood turmoil!

Posted on July 16, 2011 .